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Op. Dr.Cahit Cenksoy


Op. Dr. Cahit Cenksoy

Dr. Cahit Cenksoy is one of the youngest and most talented Gynaecologists in Cyprus with a high IVF success rate. He has performed the highest number of births on the island in both caesarean section and natural births. Our centre is located in Kyrenia, the most beautiful city of the island. A city trip to the seaside helps release the stress of our patients while their treatment continues. We are increasing our success day by day with our experienced team, modern laboratories, specialised nurses and coordinators. Our team is expanding day by day and gaining experience. The fact that our patients can communicate with the doctor at any time gives them confidence. The pregnancy success rates of our centre varies between 75-90%. Our centre does not have an obligation to wait for oocyte donation, and we work with internationally registered sperm banks, allowing our centre to achieve satisfactory results. Since we do not compromise our standards in the number of oocytes allocated per patient, our success rates remain at the highest level.

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North Cyprus IVF Treatment

The in vitro fertilization (IVF) laws and regulations in North Cyprus allow treatments that have limited implementation in many countries of the world. Thus, patients from almost all over the world come to Cyprus to have IVF treatment. Every year, more couples come to our island, and the number of IVF centers is increasing.

So what are the advantages that make Cyprus an important center for in vitro fertilization around the world?

Egg, sperm, and embryo donation treatments can be legally implemented in Cyprus. Therefore, couples who do not have healthy eggs and/or sperm can have a pregnancy.

Why Cyprus?

Although these treatments are legally applied in several different countries around the world, North Cyprus has certain advantages in this regard. In many countries, a standard cannot be achieved in health services because there are no serious inspections.

There is no waiting list for donation treatments in Cyprus. The couple that wants pregnancy plans the timing of the treatment itself. North Cyprus is also very advantageous in the price-quality balance. Transportation can be done comfortably both from South Cyprus and North Cyprus. Since the island is a holiday destination, couples who come for treatment can also have a vacation at the same time. This way, the patient's stress is reduced and the negative effects of stress hormones on the treatment are eliminated. There are also strict criteria for sperm donation. The sperm has to be taken from a world-registered sperm bank. Thus, healthier pregnancies can be achieved.

There are also certain requirements for egg donation. It is mandatory to conduct all the necessary tests of the donor who will donate eggs, and there are age restrictions.

Since all centers have foreign patient coordinators, there is no language problem. The fact that the distances in Cyprus are short prevents the trip from being boring. All transport vehicles are luxurious, so the standards in transportation are high.

Crime rates in North Cyprus are quite low. The fact that the country is safe is a serious advantage for health tourism.

Thanks to the many conveniences of IVF applications, treatment success rates are higher than in almost all countries competing with North Cyprus.

The fact that the island is a touristic country means that there are many options for accommodation. It is possible to find accommodation options ranging from very affordable hotels to 5-star luxury hotels within a 5-10 minutes walking distance from our center.

You can reach the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in approximately 1 hour by direct flight from many cities in Turkey. You can enter simply with the Republic of Turkey ID card. In addition, the port of Kyrenia is reached by fast ferry from some southern ports of Turkey. It is possible to reach Larnaca or Paphos airports in South Cyprus from any country in Europe and then pass to North Cyprus.

When you decide to come to Cyprus for IVF treatment, our team can organize your flight tickets, transportation from the airport to your hotel, and transportation to our center.

When you decide to come to Cyprus, we start preliminary preparation, tests, and treatment in the country where you are in order to shorten your stay here. Sperm freezing can be done with a daily visit when the time of the expectant father is more limited. In this way, only the arrival of the expectant mother will be sufficient for embryo transfer.

Since the first IVF center was opened in Cyprus, there have been significant developments in this sector so far. The standards and laboratory conditions of the centers have been improved. At first, only patients from Turkey came, while today patients from almost all countries of the world, from the United States to Singapore, come to Cyprus for IVF treatment.

Patient satisfaction in our center is over 95%. Couples who receive such sensitive treatment outside their own country need special attention. Going to a country that speaks a different language and has a different culture and trying to have a baby is a stressful process. We are aware of this sensitivity and we personally deal with all kinds of problems that our patients may encounter here.

One of the most important factors that distinguish our center from other centers is that you can meet with our doctor face-to-face before or after treatment. The doctor will patiently answer all your questions and offer you the most accurate treatment options.

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